HOA Management Services

You will receive complete financial information on your HOA each month. Documentation of Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Owner Summary Reports will be included. All income will be shown, as well as all itemized expenses. We will assist with annual tax returns and with any past-due HOA fees that may be owed. We collect dues, make deposits, and pay your bills.

We are also available to help you evaluate potential rental investments, or if you are considering selling your current investment. We can assist you with the buying or selling, or simply act as your consultant for a nominal fee.

Scheduled, advertised and regular meetings are a very important part of any active and effective HOA. We will facilitate, host and attend your Quarterly and / or Annual Meetings with financial, budget and "State of the HOA" reports. We will also notify ALL Owners in advance of any HOA meetings... they should be there!! They need to know!

Maintenance & Repairs

The Homeowner Association has certain responsibilities in maintaining the HOA. Some HOA's provide grounds care; others do all exterior maintenance. It is important to have a governing body preparing for these expenses (budgets, reserves, etc) and it is often helpful to have a Property Manager "steer" the group to keep financial stability for the HOA as an entity. The Property Manager will NEVER tell you what to do, but they can facilitate doing what you intend to do.  This is accomplished with good financial reporting, collection of bids for work to be done and by good communication with elected board members for goal-setting and planning.

We have worked with hundreds of reputable vendors... let me be a resource to your HOA.

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